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Philipp Halfmann
November 28, 2013 - 8:28pm


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Total votes: 2911 Philipp Halfmann talks about aerobic ATP production and energy system efficiency because it is important for on-court tennis performance and hence understanding how the body converts foods into energy aerobically is important.



Philipp Halfmann is the author of “Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning for Tennis” and regularly provides information for tennis players and coaches related to tennis, coaching, warm up, strength & conditioning, sports nutrition, health, and exercise physiology.
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Tennis Conditioning TV Episodes cover these topics as well as information on strength & conditioning, coaching, tennis, sports science, sports nutrition, fitness and the field of education.


Author, tennis touring- and strength & conditioning coach Philipp Halfmann shares insights and opinions about tennis, strength & conditioning, sport nutrition, sports science and health-related issues.

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